Lee Farm Services providing dependable, hassle-free services to farmers throughout Devon.

We are Agricultural Contractors set up to provide a professional and convenient service to livestock and arable farmers throughout Mid Devon and wider districts. We can complete any job that needs doing and focus on reducing your costs and increasing farm productivity. We do this by using up to date machinery and specialise in systems that reduce the amount of labour, diesel and machines needed. Please browse our website for more information to see how we are set up to provide for modern agriculture.
Direct Drill In Action

Crop Establishment with a single pass saves you time and money

Potinger Forager In Action

The Pottinger Jumbo Forage Wagon: Large capacity plus best chop length resulting in high quality cost efficient grass harvesting.

We provide a complete grass silaging service based around the Jumbo wagon new for the 2011 season. This machine has top specification to complete the job in the most effective way for you. Read more...
The Lee Farm Services Whole Farm Service

Whole Farm Service

Ground preparation, drilling, spraying through to cutting and bailing Lee Farm Services provide a whole farm service which is effecient and very cost effective.
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See our Forage Wagon in Action YouTube Video

In 2010 we made a video of our Pottinger Forage Wagon in action

check it out ....

Pottinger Jumbo Forage Wagon

In 2011 we will be using a new Pottinger Jumbo 6010 Forage Wagon. We have chosen the machine that gives the shortest most consistent chop of any wagon, plus the biggest capacity.

read more ....

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